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Posted by: on March 8, 2019

AI in Recruitment

When speaking of innovation, it is rarely HR that comes first to mind. Yet, AI has an impact on the recruiting industry through having the power to remove bias and decrease the number of ‘’Bad Hires’’. Predictive hiring and A/B recruitment testing are still science fiction for less-technologically adept HR experts, but two disruptive companies […]

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Posted by: on May 16, 2017

Leadership from a different perspective

Humanities & leadership Every business school has classes on leadership. Usually these classes use case studies demonstrating times business and government leaders solved difficult issues and talk about incentives, personality types, and communication.  Oxford Saïd, though, has the distinction of being part of a 1,000-year old University. In addition to typical leadership classes, Oxford Saïd […]

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Posted by: on April 21, 2017

Three things we need to save our world from climate change

“There is the natural tendency that all of us are vulnerable to, to deny unpleasant realities and to look for any excuse to push them away and resolve to think about them another day long in the future” – Al Gore on climate change. This statement is true in my life. At the age of […]

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